About Pernix
Corporate & Business Development

Pernix Therapeutics’ strategy is to maximize value for our stakeholders by employing an effective operating model with focused and disciplined execution that allows us to pursue growth opportunities both through organic and strategic inorganic expansion.

Pernix Core Competencies include acquisition, development, integration and commercialization of specialty pharmaceutical products.

From acquisitions and in-licensing to mergers and joint ventures, every opportunity is carefully evaluated and considered. Determining the strategic rationale is the main driver for any deal. Our recent transactions have helped us expand in specific regions and therapy areas, and our divestments have enabled us to refocus our business. Maximizing a molecule through new formulations, combinations or indications is just one of our core competencies. Smart development, along with strong commercial capabilities, results in creating value at every level.

At Pernix, we are continually reviewing multiple opportunities through our internal business development team, investment partners and industry consultants. If you would like to contact us regarding business development opportunities, please email us at businessdev_ptx@pernixtx.com